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Little-Known Facts About Your Favorite Christmas Movies

Stacy Conradt at @Mental_floss came up with a great list of interesting facts about Christmas movies: Here are a few of my favorites, along with my own bits of trivia: It’s a Wonderful Life This heartwarming, innocent movie was … Continue reading

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HOW TO: Ignore Users On the Forum

“If you just ignore them, they’ll go away” – that’s what people like to say about bullies.  It’s supposed to be pretty good advice.  There’s a catch, though.  When everything a bully does is meant to cause a reaction, it … Continue reading

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Sailing the Flash Sea: Escape the Room Games

There are lots of genres in this proverbial ocean.  Action, Role Playing, Horror, Arcade and so on as far as the eye can see.  There are also a myriad of genres inside genres.   Take Adventure Games for example.  One subset … Continue reading

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Sparkworkz Thanksgiving Sale

Well, there’s really not much to report today so – wait, hold on…a Turkey just handed me some breaking news: FC2 iPhone 40% off FC iPhone 50% off Line Rider iPhone 50% off Gobble.  Gobble. Thank you Turkey, that was … Continue reading

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Harry Potter 6.5 – what did you think?

Ever since the third movie (the Prisoner of Azkaban)  – where a werewolf, the Wolfman, an army of Grim Reapers, and deer holograms fought three kids armed only with sticks and the power to time travel – I’ve been a … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Racing 3

Back on Halloween, we released a cool new costume in celebration of the holiday.  And now, wouldn’t you know it, another holiday is around the corner!  The U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving this month (and anywhere between last month and the next … Continue reading

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Free Games for Vets on Veterans Day

In honor of all the Uniformed fans of physics games across America, Sparkworkz is giving away free copies of the full flash versions of Fantastic Contraption 2 and ShapeShape to anybody who emails us with a government “.mil” email address! … Continue reading

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Speaking of Physics Games…

We may have a thing for Physics Games here at Sparkworkz, but it’s nothing compared to the scientists at CERN. 

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The Mochis 2011 Award Show is coming!

On February 27th of next year, an awards ceremony will be held during the 3rd Annual Flash Game Summit to honor the best Flash games of 2010. If you enjoy Platform Racing 3 or Fantastic Contraption 2, please take a … Continue reading

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We are now accepting Flash Game Submissions!

For those of you working on the next Line Rider, or Platform Racer, we have added a ‘submit game’ feature to Sparkworkz! Just for you! Simply follow the ‘submit game’ link on the bottom of! Fill out the form … Continue reading

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FC2 coming soon to iPhone & iPod Touch!

Keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime play Fantastic Contraption 2 web version!

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Halloween at Sparkworkz!

Today was the annual costume contest here at inXile/Sparkworkz central, and as usual there was an amazing turn out in costumes. After all, what fun is all this dressing up if we didn’t share the costumes with the world? So … Continue reading

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We’ve gone Halloween!

As we set up spiderwebs and pumpkins around the physical world, it is only fitting that we do so in the digital world as well. That being said, everyone can look forward to Halloween themed games this weekend! Ghosts have … Continue reading

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This just in….

Video games more productive than collecting navel lint.. That’s right! Next time mom, dad, girlfriend, or boyfriend tell you to stop playing so many video games, you can proudly say “Hey, at least I don’t spend my time collecting bellybutton … Continue reading

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Design Challenge Results!

Hello all! So I have carefully reviewed all of our entries in the Design Challenge.  I think I scared a few people off with our tough rules so I know some of your best ideas you kept in a box … Continue reading

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Sailing the Flash Sea: goofy games

In my time patrolling these waters here at Sparkworkz, I’ve had a chance to look at some very interesting Flash games.  Some of them have even been added to our site, like Catch the Star.  Many just fell by the … Continue reading

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Sparkworkz Design Challenge

Being a designer isn’t all anime and pizza. No you have to work with what you are given. Can you come up with a great idea from a ridiculous request? Continue reading

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Tips and Tools for Making Games: Part 1

We really like makin’ games. Here are some tools that might help you make your own. And they are entirely free. Continue reading

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Alpha and Omega games out now!

Sparkworkz has recently finished up building the video game adaptations of Lionsgate’s new 3D animated film Alpha and Omega! Check it out on the Nintendo DS, iPhone and iPod Touch, and the free flash games! Continue reading

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Sparkworkz Teams up With Lionsgate® and Their New 3-D Animated Feature Alpha and Omega!

Sparkworkz to Adapt Alpha and Omega for the Nintendo DS System! Press Release Source: Sparkworkz On Tuesday September 14, 2010, 7:00 am EDT NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ — Sparkworkz is working with Lionsgate and Crest Animation Studios Ltd. … Continue reading

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The New Sparkworkz is Here!

That’s right folks, you just found the blog link. Now read the whole post about why we do what we do. Continue reading

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inxile’s sparkworkz™ announces line Rider Racing™ launch title for iPad™

Sparkworkz™ upgrades its exciting Line Rider™ based racing game to leverage unique features of Apple’s iPad™ mobile digital device! Newport Beach, Calif. – April 2, 2010 –  Line Rider Racing™ combines the creative drawing and fun physics of Line Rider™ … Continue reading

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INXILE’s SPARKWORKZ™ Announces the next installment in the hit flash series Platform Racing™!

inXile entertainment teams with Platform Racing™ creator Jacob Grahn to release Platform Racing 3™ for the Web, and iPhone™/ iPod Touch™ mobile devices! Newport Beach, Calif. – March 22, 2010 – inXile entertainment has been working closely with Platform Racing™ … Continue reading

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