The New Sparkworkz is Here!

The new Sparkworkz is here!  The new Sparkworkz is here!

It’s more than just a shiny new website.  It’s a whole new attitude.  Nothing like starting off a blog with a cliché to get people pumped!

If you are reading this, it’s probably 1 of 3 reasons:

1.        You are a fan of Sparkworkz games and want to find out what is going on.

2.       You were trying to get to the forums and clicked on the wrong link.

3.       You are a searchbot, cataloging our site.

Whatever the reason, we are glad you stopped by (yes, even you searchbot) because we want you to know something:  We like playing games. That is what started “Sparkworkz” in the first place.

See, back in the day, some guys at inXile entertainment were playing Line Rider and the owner walked by and said, “Get me that guy’s email!”  So he fired off an email to Boštjan and we soon created the Linerider website and started working on DS, Wii, and iPhone versions of the game.  True story.  I was there.  And that’s how we met Colin of Fantastic Contraption, Gaz of Super-Stacker, Splapp-Me-Do of Impossible Quiz, and Jiggman of Platform Racing.  We just played their game and sent them an email. Which led to a whole new division called “Sparkworkz”.

So the bottom line; we make games because we like playing games.  The new Sparkworkz is all about creating a site that we would enjoy spending time on. In short, we are going to start bringing you more games to play.

I know what you are thinking, “Whatever dummy, I can play games at countless other sites.”  Yeah, I hear you.  We got the Interwebz too.  We know that we are going to have to give you something different to keep you coming back.  What makes us different is we actually CARE ABOUT GAMES and want to make them AWESOME!  We put up forums because we want your opinions.  We have now added comment features and rating systems so we can see what you think.  We are going to begin blogs, like this one, to keep you informed of what we are doing, what trends we are seeing in the industry and what games we think are the cat’s pajamas.  If you see a fun game out there on another site, tell us about it.  We will see if they will let us post it on our site.  See, we make games and care about the creators so we actually check these things.

In the end, games are more fun when you are sharing them with your friends.  Heck even our big brother, inXile is making a co-op game (Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, check it out!!)  We have some of the best community members out there.   All of you help make the games better.   If you aren’t here because you care about games, go to some other site.  Except you searchbot.  You keep indexing.

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