Sailing the Flash Sea: goofy games

In my time patrolling these waters here at Sparkworkz, I’ve had a chance to look at some very interesting Flash games.  Some of them have even been added to our site, like Catch the Star.  Many just fell by the wayside as interesting diversions.  Yet one thing that always struck me about Flash games was the sheer amount that were out there.  There are a LOT.  “Like the number of fish in the sea” would be a reasonable comparison here.  Twenty years ago, the original Nintendo Entertainment System was able to boast a library of over 700 games.  That’s an impressive collection of games, you might say.  But on the Internet, with Flash games…most people stop counting after 10,000.

Not only that, new games are being created – not every day – but many times a day!  All over the world, in every language, and in every style and genre imaginable.  Including styles and genres that haven’t been imagined yet.  Even with the way they tend to gleefully steal ideas from each other, you usually find yourself surprised more often than you find yourself bored.  Nobody is interested in a clone, after all.  For the most part, of course, the ideas I’m seeing are pretty original, or at least new twists on old ideas.

But sometimes, an idea can be too original for its own good. For instance, the other day I was minding my own business when I stumbled across a game based around the old show “Murder, She Wrote”!  It even had a fairly active community behind it!  Which just goes to show that there are no limits in the Flash world.  Even Angela Lansbury is fair game as a playable character.

Now, while that was quite a surprising find for me, I wouldn’t quite call that a goofy game.  Fascinating, strange, and bewilderingly popular? Yes.  Goofy? Only a little bit.  So let’s hear what you have to say about this.  What’s the goofiest, strangest Flash game you’ve ever found on the internet?  Did you play it through? Did it confuse you or make you laugh?  Did you show it to your friends, not to play it but just to prove it exists?  Share your experiences in the comments.

- Cap

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