Sailing the Flash Sea: Escape the Room Games

There are lots of genres in this proverbial ocean.  Action, Role Playing, Horror, Arcade and so on as far as the eye can see.  There are also a myriad of genres inside genres.   Take Adventure Games for example.  One subset of Adventure Games is the Point-and-Click game:  Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, and many more.  These are games that take place on a static screen, where you find yourself pointing…and perhaps even clicking!  Now take Point-and-Click Games;  one SUB-subset of those is a tiny but prolific genre of Flash titles called “Escape the Room Games”.

From "The Crimson Room"

Escape the Room games give you a First Person view of the scene – usually the inside of a locked room.  You can look around, pick up objects, combine what you find or even take things apart, all in the goal of getting outside.  Often, just finding the key to the front door isn’t enough.  Codes, passwords and puzzles scattered around the walls all seek to thwart you.  They can be quite devious!

There are so many possible variations on this theme, a huge number of games have spawned within this genre.  One of the earliest and most successful titles is a collection was created in 2004. This game was based around color themes.  The first in the set is called the Crimson Room where you find yourself with amnesia, trying to find a way out of your own house, room-by-room.  The most impressive series is a collection called Submachine :  a mysterious structure that seems to defy not only your own attempts to escape, but time and space as well.

A deceptively simple scene from "Submachine"

I highly recommend trying your hand at this genre.  They’re a great test of our puzzle-solving skills.  And who knows, maybe one day you’ll find yourself with a bump on your head, locked inside your bedroom, with lots of time to figure a way out.  Now you’ll know that if you just combine the batteries with the robot toy, put the blue disk in the CD player and type in the password based on the shapes scribbled around wall, you’ll be home free!

In the spirit of this blog post, we’ve put up two new games:

Good luck!  Now hard to starboard, full speed ahead!  Set a course for the Board Game Archipelago and don’t stop till our turn’s over!  Also, fetch me a locksmith, I seem to have trapped myself inside the cupboard.

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