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Platform Racing 3


Platform Racing 3™ is the culmination of Platform Racing 1 and 2! Platform racing 3 mixes the fun gameplay of theclassic platformer, with the head to head competiveness of the most popular racing games!

In this new version of Platform Racing, players can expect more items, more tracks, more hats, more customizations, and best of all, more blocks! Whether you are throwing land mines around the level, blasting opponents with a laser gun, or cutting them up with a sword, Platform Racing 3 offers all the real time racing and mayhem a gamer could ask for! Best of all, the more races you win, the more you get! This includes skill points to run faster or jump higher, and a plethora of items to unlock and win!


* New Upgraded Art Style!
* New Level and Block Editor!
* New Hats, Items, and customizations!